1. M

    Share specific file on File Server

    Hi all Soon we are going to switch to Windows Domain and Windows File Server because the organization I'm working at is growing, and so is the need for a more professional environment. Currently we are using Nextcloud. On Nextcloud it is possible to share a specific file with a...
  2. SarahEnrici

    Windows 10 Sharegate

    I need to transfer data (files and folders) to SharePoint Online and OneDrive as we do our office 365 migration. Currently, we are looking at Sharegate but the price and amount of work involved are a bit more than we want to spend in terms of budget. Was hoping to find something a lot more...
  3. S

    Windows 10 Alternatives to Network Filesharing?

    I have 2 computers connected via Ethernet. Both computers run Windows 10 Home x64. The base networking fileshare works fine after both computers are rebooted, however after some time of being on, the networking just stops on either computer. I've had this issue since I started using fileshare...
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