1. Rainer Bielefeld

    Windows 7 No Connection to LAN?!

    A Friend works in a club office. His WIN7-PC was connected to local network and Internet with an USB-WLAN-Stick to a Fritz!Box. Always worked fine, until some day WLAN connection got lost. I tried to help and checked: Something wrong with the USB-WLAN-Stick? No control light on the stick...
  2. M

    Windows 7 Understanding Service Setting Customization for Windows Firewall Rules

    The outbound rules allowed in windows firewall require the service customization to be set to allow all programs and services. Any reason this doesn't work for "apply to services only" for an executable such as internet explorer? Is there some other program that is needed? The security audit...
  3. M

    Windows 7 Windows Firewall Monitoring does not show all created predefined inbound rules

    I was looking at the monitoring display for windows firewall and I noticed that 13 of the predefined rules I created under the inbound rules were not shown. All of the rules are set to block. My firewall is set to block all connection on inbound. Most of the related services are disabled...
  4. M

    Windows 7 Windows Firewall Blocked Predefined Rules Show as Exceptions

    Hello. Can anyone inform me on how windows firewall handles predefined firewall rules. I created all the predefined rules and set them to block in the inbound and outbound rule set. However they show up as enabled exceptions in the allowed programs to communicate through windows firewall. I have...
  5. Boyoss

    Windows 7 Firewall's rule to allow outlook only for gmail

    My firewall is set to block all connections, just outlook is open. But in outlook there is an rss feed, and i'm trying to block it. Is there a possibility to define in the firewall's rule, that it will allow outlook to connect only to a specific IP (gmail)? Thanks
  6. SirBungly

    Windows 10 Multiple Issues with Windows Firewall

    So my Windows Firewall has been playing up recently. I have no other firewalls on my PC and just use Windows Defender and Malwarebytes for antivirus. A few months ago the firewall started requesting access for any application that wanted to connect to the internet every time I opened the...
  7. Matthew Swan

    Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Firewall won't turn back on

    Hello all! Since yesterday morning, I've had an error with the Firewall not turning back on. The day before, it was on, and working fine! I haven't installed anything since, except we had a new router installed because our old one had the wrong charger to it. The new one worked fine the day we...