1. MajklJ

    Windows 10 Multiple applications seem to be missing CSS/other style format.

    In the past month or so, I have noticed a blaring issue with multiple applications ranging from official Microsoft popups, through HP Support Assistant, to Adobe Installers not loading their style format. I concluded that this is most likely an error with some part of Windows these applications...
  2. Q

    Windows 10 Remove write protection from unlocked Bitlocker drive

    I work at a computer repair shop and I finally came across something I cannot get around. A customer brought in a Microsoft Surface Book that has BitLocker protection on it. Windows is corrupt and I am using a windows 10 disk to repair it. I have his BitLocker recovery key so I can unlock the...
  3. M


    Hello I need an advice. It's long time what I bought my laptop with official win 8. Now I need to clear and format my HDD again. My question is: Can I install my official copy of windows and activate it again ? I would like to clear my hdd completely. If is it possible, please, where I can find...