1. F

    gpupdate fail - error "access denied" sporadically - event 1058 and 1096

    Hello there, I'm asking some help about a problem that we are facing since ages. The problem : PC on domain sometimes can't do a gpupdate /force and get the following error in terminal : Sometimes, its the gpt.ini that cannot be read, sometimes its the \Machine\registry.pol file. Always the...
  2. wotik

    Windows Server 2022 - GPO for local accounts

    Hello Windows 2022 Server without AD. Is it possible to assign specific settings in GPO but for SELECTED LOCAL accounts (or more groups) of users? If I make settings in GPO, these are the settings that apply to all users, including, for example, administrators, and I would not want that. I...
  3. GabrieleMax

    How to specify a GPO to a group of users

    Hi everybody, I followed this guide but in this case the GPO is enabled for all objects in the OU; I need to add different policies to different group of users (I attached two screenshot about it) so I think I should just add, like what you can see in the second screenshot, the needed group...
  4. R

    GPO - Windows Server 2016

    hi all, I want to apply these group strategies (windows server 2016): - When a computer is running, the windows logs in with a password automatically (Without user knowing the password). - Startup and shutdown of all computers Automatic (linked with a server) from a server. Thanks all.
  5. G

    WMI Filter help

    I'm trying to create a filter for Windows 10 machines and apply to a background policy. I've tried select * from Win32_OperatingSystem WHERE Version like "10.%" AND ProductType="1" AND OSArchitecture = "64-Bit" but is not working. My teacher suggests using the build number? I've used WMI...
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