internet access

  1. D

    network connectivity abnormal

    hi, we have a 2012 server's nic showing connected to internet but cant ping firewall returns Destination host unreachable though firewall can reach internet. it can ping firewall. all other devices can reach internet. i checked in the firewall and saw ping was allowed and packet was...
  2. RUDY03

    Is my internet too slow?

    Hello people! I have two internet systems at home. The first is a Vodafone mobile router, which is limited to 8GB per month, and gives a fine speed of around 7 Mbps according to and I have a second broadband connection at home which can be used as Wi-Fi as well as be plugged-in to...
  3. M

    Windows 10 no internet access without proxy (freegate)

    i use freegate ... my internet connection works fine when i use freegate! but when i close that! i cant brows anythin in chrome, firefox, ie! i cant ping google in cmd , it reply 4 packet successfully! but i cant brows! i changed proxy settings but problem still remain... please help me ...
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