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  1. pratibha91

    Windows 10 Microsoft edge vs Google Chrome

    Windows has upgraded its internet explorer to edge, whose interface is almost similar to Google chrome. But speed may vary. So, can you share your opinions about this which is better to use?
  2. Rainer Bielefeld

    Windows 7 How can I define which of the available JAVA Versions IE11 should use?

    Hello, for particular technical visualization needs (IniNet's SpiderControl) a commonly used software is "Browser + Java". Mozilla stopped support of NPAPI plugins. The JAVA Plugin is such a NPAPI plugin, and so some users (my customers) think about using the Internet Explorer for their needs...
  3. ragnarok1968

    Windows 10 Market Share Reports (browsers by usage)

    Market share for mobile, browsers, operating systems and search engines | NetMarketShare It seems there hasn't been much change in Browser use since the last check was done. Chrome clearly leads the way as the most used at just under 60% while, Internet Explorer continues its dive to the bottom...
  4. J

    Windows 10 Internet Explorer is extremely slow

    I'm using Windows 10 latest updates and internet exp. version 11. (exact vestons see screen shots) About 6-8 weeks, internet explorer has become so slow, and hangs up, so often I literally can not use it. simple tasks such as hitting, IE will just hang taking 45-50 seconds...
  5. Uninstall Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) for Security Reasons

    Uninstall Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) for Security Reasons

    Get away from the browser wars: How to uninstall IE6 in XP, which has become obsolete, and update to the latest Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  6. Internet Explorer 9 Review

    Internet Explorer 9 Review

    We review Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft's new web browser, trying to be as impartial as possible.