keyboard issues

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    Windows 10 Holding down Backspace erasing typed text too slow

    How long should the computer wait before accepting subsequent repeated keystrokes? is set to 0.3 seconds and this is the minimum value, but holding down Backspace still erasing typed text too slow. Changing the value above 0.3 seconds (2.0 seconds is the maximum) makes held down Backspace...
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    Windows 10 Keyboard lag, releasing "W" to walk forward still makes me walk forward.

    So i sometimes FPS games and get this problem with it, in fact this problem is with any game i need to use "W" to move in. When i press W i move forward but when i let go it still makes me move forward for a short period of time, it depends on how long I press W. If i press it for a long time...
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    Windows 10 Keys repeat uncontrollably when logged in

    Hi, I got this problem that's been going on for quite some time. When I log in to my desktop, the keyboard just spams a single key, "f" uncontrollably like it is being hold down. It goes like this... ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff...
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    strange keyboard issues

    I have a Dell XPS desktop and run Windows 7 professional. I’m using a wired USB keyboard that came with an older Dell. In windows, I’m unable to type the letters V H & C. Other letters work. In word and off-line programs I can type everything. I cut and pasted this from a word doc. What can...