lock screen

  1. Jerrryemy

    Windows 10 Automatically logging onto an unloadable kiosk account without being able to log onto the admin account

    I curiously made an assigned access kiosk account with Edge as its app. After I logged out and tried logging onto the kiosk account, it said that the user profile service (and in other tries it said ProfSvc) failed and I cannot use the account at all. After I logged out, I saw that my admin...
  2. Rahima

    Windows 8 Why is my lock screen showing an additional maroon screen?

    Why is my lock screen showing this screen and asking me to verify my password? Shouldn't it automatically ask for my password on the blue screen? I have Windows 8, and just got a new laptop. Using Windows 8 for the first time. How do I get rid of this screen? I have an HP Probook 640 Please...