1. B

    Disk Clone results in BSOD

    Disk Clone MBR Disk fails. Ventoy MBR USB > Aomei Partition Assistant Pro 9.15 WinPE ISO Legacy BIOS HP i5 x64 Desktop 2013 Source HDD 500GB 2013 Target SSD 2.5" 1TB Sandisk 2023 USB 2.0 ports Booted Ventoy in Legacy BIOS mode, launched Aomei Partition Assistant WinPE ISO successfully. Confirmed...
  2. B

    Windows 10 Windows To Go

    Using Aomei Partition Assistant software, I create a Windows To Go USB stick based on an installed Win10 system on an internal system, not a blank system using a Windows ISO. I then use a LinuxOS > Gnome Disks to create a disk image .IMG of the WinToGo USB. Then, on a different USB stick, I...
  3. C

    Windows 10 Windows 10 boot loader problems

    So I have a Windows 10 partition I want to save and migrate to an m.2 ssd. This is sort of a play build so I've had 4 operating systems on the dive at various times, 2 windows and 2 Linux. I've been able to remove the Linux systems and restore the boot but when I try to remove the the windows...
  4. Neemobeer

    Free tool to protect your MBR

    Here is a article about a tool that can help protect your systems MBR from being overridden by malware. It offers similar protections to newer computers using Secure Boot/UEFI. The easiest way to tell if you are booting legacy vs. UEFI is when the computer first boots. If you see the Windows...
  5. P

    Windows 8 Can't boot into Windows after running BitLocker

    Hello. I have 3 drives in my PC: SSD with Ubuntu HDD for downloads etc. - no OS HDD with Windows 8.1 partition & Windows 7 partition & 1 empty partition When I start my PC, the GRUB2 menu shows up and I can choose whether I run Ubuntu or Windows. When I choose Ubuntu, it normally starts up...
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