1. Quack

    Windows 10 Memory and paging file issue

    Hello fellow windows users, usually I solve those issues by myself but this one is weird. This is my first post in this forum :) Lately I noticed that sometimes when my PC is left alone for a few hours, I come back to many closed\crashed apps for example: Geforce Experience, iCue, Asus GPU...
  2. A

    Windows 10 Service Host (svchost.exe) Memory leak / Memory Hog

    I bought a refurbished computer about 3 months ago and have had this problem since receiving it. After booting, the memory percentage is ~30% because of regular processes and after an hour of only looking at the desktop, the memory creeps up to 80-100%. When I look at task manager, it shows 150+...
  3. Gundam

    Windows 10 Uncaught exception: Ran out of GPU memory, try using smaller or fewer images.

    I'm running into this problem lately, having plenty GPU available. Most of the time I try to launch these games, 1982 or Echoes +, from Binary Zoo, I get this message: Uncaught exception: Ran out of GPU memory, try using smaller or fewer images. I reached out to them and they basically...
  4. nexus3019

    Windows 7 How to limit my RAM?

    Hello everyone! I have been using my laptop, Dell Inspiron 1464, since 2011. It came with pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Sometime around 2013, I accidentally limited my RAM to a mere 256 MB (original size - 4 GB) from inside the windows, and not from the BIOS. This prevented my...
  5. weirdguy

    Windows 8 BSOD - Tried Memtest86, and Intel Diagnostics software.

    Hello, I was never getting a BSOD, but on December 2016, I had to get a new 2TB HD where I install all my software. I also have a 128GB SSD where I install Windows 8. Before my 2TB broke down, I had never seen a BSOD. Only starting this December I saw the BSOD for the first time. Then, it...
  6. E

    Windows 10 Windows 10 uses only 75% or 3/4 RAM

    My PC has 4.00 GB RAM installed and since I am using windows 10, I have noticed in the Performance tab of Task Manager, that the allocated Memory is not more than 3.0 GB out of 4.0 GB. Why windows 10 restricts? It doesn't use 1 GB available for it and I must use this 1 GB. Most of the times (or...
  7. LUGUY

    Windows 7 After Reformatting to Win 7 Pro 32 bit loosed RAM Space

    Hi Forumers, LUGUY here. My computer has 4.00 of RAM, After I reformatted my Win7 Pro 64 bit to Win 7 32 bit I have only 2.75 GB Usable Memoty RAM in Computer- Properties, but in DRIVE C- Properties appear 432 GB of FREE space of 465 GB of Capacity , why this happen? or if this is normal? Thank...
  8. K

    Windows 10 BSOD Memory Management / KNode Exception Not Handled

    Hi, I've been experiencing increasingly frequent BSODs on my system in the past month. The usual culprit is Memory Management but I occasionally get KNode_Exception... errors too. I have read multiple threads on multiple sites and WF was the closest I came to finding useful answers. It...
  9. W

    Windows 7 SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION win32k.sys - Blue screen of death error

    Hi, I'm having issues with a BSOD showing the above error. I have run memory test and it shows a error also (unsure of the error) but advised to pull each of the RAM sticks until thr BSOFD stops) - I've pulled each stick in turn but yet the error remains. Also been advised it could be my...
  10. M

    Windows 10 I can't Change anything about virtual memory.

    I just can't change the virtual memory (the screenshot shows exactly why) the window is half cut and I can't expand it with mouse to apply my changes. This is a Bug cause earlier (just after installing windows 10) I had changed it to one of My HDDs. I needed to format this HDD so I used TAB to...
  11. T

    Windows 10 Install on new build

    Hi all, Today I built a desktop. I have a 64-bit Win10 install disc, but when I try to install it, I get a BSoD: MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. Earlier, I had an issue with one of my mem sticks, but now it's working. However, this problem would happen in all 4 possible combos of my two sticks in positions 1...
  12. S

    Windows 7 svchost.exe (netsvcs) 1,000,000k+ memory usage

    Lately my computer has been running painfully slow, and the Task Manager identifies svchost.exe as the problem. I have tried antivirus scans, but there does not seem to be any viruses. I have checked other posts about this issue, but I haven't found any solutions that have fixed the problem for...
  13. S

    Windows 10 MsMpEng.exe using too much memory/CPU overheating

    I have installed Windows 10 two weeks ago. And there were many things to work on, many stuff to learn. I have recently noticed that my PC is turning off a bit slower than usual. Today I discovered this Antimalware Service Excutable using 70MB of memory. I had the same problem with System...
  14. Memory: Windows XP vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows 7

    Memory: Windows XP vs. Windows Vista vs. Windows 7

    The Windows Memory Debate: conducts a detailed analysis of the memory debate surrounding Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
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