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microsoft account

  1. W

    Windows 10 How to change default folder name

    I just bought a new laptop. First, it forced me to login through microsoft and that will be how I login to Windows, and forced me to use skype. Even worse, it forced me to have that "skype" folder. This is bad because this is the place where dropbox and many others are saved by default. I have...
  2. Sofia

    Windows 10 We can't sign into your account [Microsoft]

    Hello, I'm sorry if there is a similar thread like this, but it seems that the fixes they recommend, unfortunately, doesn't work for me. Yesterday, I was using my Wacom Tablet, and it said that the Wacom Driver needs update, so I did. It said that after the installation, it will require a...
  3. Howard Walker

    Windows 10 This Microsoft Account does not exist

    I have three computers on a network. I also have a common account for Skype that worked on them all until Microsoft bought out Skype. Last Monday while logging in to Skype with my usual frequently used and long held username and password, Skype refused to continue until I had entered my...