microsoft edge

  1. pratibha91

    Windows 10 Microsoft edge vs Google Chrome

    Windows has upgraded its internet explorer to edge, whose interface is almost similar to Google chrome. But speed may vary. So, can you share your opinions about this which is better to use?
  2. C

    Windows 10 Open links in Microsoft Edge using .vbs script

    Currently I am using this script to open links in Chrome: Sub Chrome(URL) '---------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Purpose: Launch Chrome ' Arguments: <URL> '---------------------------------------------------------------------- if (ubound(split(URL," ")) =...
  3. tonylee

    😍Google Chrome VS FireFox VS Opera VS Microsoft Edge Speed Test

    This is the speed test between Google Chrome VS FireFox VS Opera VS Microsoft Edge😍 Speed Test on Windows 10. 💗 It has an unexpected result. What is the fastest browser of 2019 ? Google Chrome VS FireFox VS Opera VS Microsoft Edge Speed Test on Windows 10! Who Would Win? Microsoft Edge...
  4. Joshua Bowman

    Windows 10 Microsoft Edge Sound Issues

    I switched to Microsoft Edge recently and while watching YouTube I got a loud static like noise blared into my ears every time I paused/played the video. Please help me I would love to use Microsoft Edge, but if I cant fix this problem I'm going to have to move back to google chrome. (T-T)
  5. Nimit

    Meet the developers behind Microsoft Edge!

    Video is officially uploaded from Windows YouTube Channel. Just play the video.
  6. srluisguilherme

    Windows 10 LITERALLY every page on Edge crashing

    Idk what it is, but I can't open any page through MS Edge but Twitter and Bing. Everything else stops responding after everything is loaded. As I searched on the web, it seems like I'm the only one having this issue and I can't reinstall Edge. Does anyone know what to do?