1. V

    after going into safe mode my pc restarts and then boots up with a black screen

    So when I was trying to go to safe mode I went to "msconfig" using "Run" then I clicked "boot" then I clicked safe boot and set it to minimal after that i clicked apply and restarted my pc and my pc shows the "HKC" logo then says "no signal" and then the "no signal" thing disappeared and then...
  2. Figi4

    Windows 8 msconfig + normal startup = no boot up

    Im using Win 8.1 on an HP Pavilion x2 tablet pc. Today my wireless adapter would not recognize my wifi connection no matter what I tried (reboot, diagnose, reboot) so I went into msconfig to run safe mode to try it there. Well it worked. So I figured it must be a program/app causing the...