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    WINDOWS 10 Pro 22H2 - accidentally changed admin account to user account

    Hopefully someone can help or confirm that a reinstall is the only solution In addition to my user accounts, I created a specialist admin account with elevated rights I don't know how I did it but I accidentally removed the elevated rights from my administrative account so now it is a user...
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    Windows 8 Double Trouble

    So I got in my PC when I realize I have the Automatic Repair Loop. I went to YouTube and look for ways to fix it. And there is one where you use the command log. "This seems legit". So I did everything there, but it doesn't work. So then I went to the Startup Setting to go to Safe Mode...
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    Windows 7 Admin account is gone. No Admin even in Safe Mode. windows 7

    Hi, I recently got a new Lenovo desktop, Windows 7 Professional, loaded by the supplier, so I don't have a disk. I wanted to turn off the log on screen, and somehow I have completely deleted the Admin account. I have tried everything Dr Google says, but it all leads to admin needing password...
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