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    Windows 10 CHKDSK on Win 10 works incompatibly with Win 7?

    This is extremely aggravating and puzzling: I have both Windows 10 Pro (build 1703) and Windows 7 Pro (service pack 2 with the latest updates) installed on different NTFS disks/partitions on the same computer (actually, I have two computers with both installed). Here's the aggravating problem...
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    I'm having a BSOP storm in my PC

    Hi, I've been having several BSODs in Win10 lately (Screenshot 1), some say CACHE_MANAGER (NTFS.sys 0x34), others say DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, others System_service_exception, Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap, etc... They happen randomly, sometimes when I turn the PC on, sometimes when im...
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    Sharing NTFS partition in multi-boot system

    I have a laptop which multi-boots between Windows7 and Windows8. I share an NTFS partition between the two OSs. If I boot into Windows8 and make changes with files in the shared NTFS partition, everything works fine and I can reboot into Windows8 with no problems. If, however, I subsequently...