1. M

    Share specific file on File Server

    Hi all Soon we are going to switch to Windows Domain and Windows File Server because the organization I'm working at is growing, and so is the need for a more professional environment. Currently we are using Nextcloud. On Nextcloud it is possible to share a specific file with a...
  2. Cardinal System

    Windows 10 BSOD "NTFS File System" after file transfer

    I had a virtual machine running on a customer's computer, and I needed to reinstall it. I removed the drive from the computer so I could copy a new VHD from my laptop to the drive. IIt kept telling me that the recycle bin on the drive was corrupt and would not let me copy over the VHD unless I...
  3. Cainy

    Windows 10 NTFS Access Problems

    Good Evening Windows Forum, I have a very bad problem with a (or better two) windows installation(s) and it's NTFS permissions.. First I am gonna provide you with all the info and problems I face: The story: My dad's pc was very slow on windows 7 on an HDD and so I thought I'd install him a...
  4. N

    Windows 10 CHKDSK on Win 10 works incompatibly with Win 7?

    This is extremely aggravating and puzzling: I have both Windows 10 Pro (build 1703) and Windows 7 Pro (service pack 2 with the latest updates) installed on different NTFS disks/partitions on the same computer (actually, I have two computers with both installed). Here's the aggravating problem...
  5. M

    Windows 10 I'm having a BSOP storm in my PC

    Hi, I've been having several BSODs in Win10 lately (Screenshot 1), some say CACHE_MANAGER (NTFS.sys 0x34), others say DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, others System_service_exception, Unexpected Kernel Mode Trap, etc... They happen randomly, sometimes when I turn the PC on, sometimes when im...
  6. E

    Windows 8 Sharing NTFS partition in multi-boot system

    I have a laptop which multi-boots between Windows7 and Windows8. I share an NTFS partition between the two OSs. If I boot into Windows8 and make changes with files in the shared NTFS partition, everything works fine and I can reboot into Windows8 with no problems. If, however, I subsequently...
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