organize folders

  1. L

    Is it possible to create 2 identical folders...?

    Hello all! I have a strange question. Is it possible to create 2 identical folders? I'm talking about making a folder inside "download" for example, and then having an identical copy of the folder on the desktop, so that when I move/change/rename something on the first, it reflects and modify on...
  2. Axel PC

    Need Recommendation for file renamer

    I'm in the on going process of scanning ALL kinds of stuff photos, kids artwork, ripping CDs and DVDs, personal and financial paperwork, if it can be scanned I'm doing it lol! But I'd like a nice file renamer software. Just doing a select all, F2, name doesn't name files how I like. I'm looking...
  3. Ishay

    mac tags replacement

    I used mac for about 5 years and really loved 1 main thing: tags. Tags came to mac with version Mavericks and let you organize your files, using tags like 'To-Do', 'Done', 'in progress' etc. Is there a plugin, software or something that will replace those tags? I really need to have it, and...