1. Gubby24

    Windows 7 BSOD related to PCI.SYS

    Hello, I am using Windows 7 on a relatively new PC (built 6 months ago) and I've recently noticed some Crashes. After some googling, I enabled the proper saving of minidumps and I looked at it with Blue Screen View and saw mentions of PCI.SYS It also showed me that My previous crash was also...
  2. overdriv83

    Windows 10 Random (appears to be) but frequent BSOD Win10x64

    Win10x64 Pro, 1607, ver 14393.953 Dual Intel Xeon E5-2630 v4 @ 2.2GHz 128GB Ram Only one of my two systems are having this issue. Attached is the Diagnostic info per your request for posts and a screenshot of the dumpfile error. I am getting a x0122 stop error related to pci.sys. I have...
  3. Patrick Brightwell

    Windows 10 PCI.sys BSOD

    Hi, as shown in the title, I've been getting a mostly random BSOD that says PCI.sys didn't do it's job. I'll post the minidump files below.