1. P

    Windows 10 Is installed file world-readable?

    When a Windows installer (.msi) creates a file (e.g. by <Component> of WiXtools), will the file be readable by non-admin users? I want a file not readable by non-admin users, for security reasons. How can I make WiXtools to create a non-readable (by non-admins) file?
  2. P

    Windows 10 Overwriting a file, does it preserve permissions?

    When I overwrite a file (e.g. with a file copy command from Puppet, SaltStack, or Chef) that was set specific permissions, may the set permissions be lost or no? I ask because I want to store a password in a file accessible only to SYSTEM user and Admin users, and am afraid that when I...
  3. P

    Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?

    Good morning! I like playing PC video games, and mostly do so through Steam. Always after downloading a game when I launch it for the first time a pop up appears that reads: "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?". I had always clicked no and the games seemed to run fine...
  4. SaoirseIsLive

    Windows 10 How do I make C:\Windows\Fonts writeable?

    I'm trying to install a game for Windows 7 and it needs to install a font into the fonts folder. I've tried what I seen on the windows community and I tried a script I found on github, but neither worked. Any help?
  5. ensta

    Windows 10 Fix “You don’t currently have permission to access this folder” Windows 10

    Have this issue, which manifested since failed wake from hibernate (first hibernate). Have tried implementing the add user permissions outlined in this video - This hasn't helped me. Have made the Everyone change no problem - not solved. Tried the User option, throws errors re accessing the...
  6. M

    Share specific file on File Server

    Hi all Soon we are going to switch to Windows Domain and Windows File Server because the organization I'm working at is growing, and so is the need for a more professional environment. Currently we are using Nextcloud. On Nextcloud it is possible to share a specific file with a...
  7. Cainy

    Windows 10 NTFS Access Problems

    Good Evening Windows Forum, I have a very bad problem with a (or better two) windows installation(s) and it's NTFS permissions.. First I am gonna provide you with all the info and problems I face: The story: My dad's pc was very slow on windows 7 on an HDD and so I thought I'd install him a...
  8. FontProblem

    Windows 7 Need help removing a font

    Hi, So I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium, and I ran into an issue with a font. I tried installing this font Barlow Condensed ExtraBold. Normally I just drag the file into Windows\Fonts, and there are no issues. However, this time, when I moved the file, it did not show up in the folder: As...
  9. usermn

    Windows 8 Cannot delete folder, cannot change permissions

    I use Windows 8.1 64-bit and Firefox 53.0.3. I'm the sole user and administrator on the computer. There is a directory I tried to delete the folder. It says I tried to move the folder to another folder. It says I clicked Continue. It says Advanced Security Settings says I clicked...
  10. P

    Windows 10 "Permission" problems, can't share files on some network computers

    I've got home/office network of 7 computers (all on Win 10). Each computer has files in the public documents that needs to be accessed, with full control, by the other computers. Most all the computers communicate fine with one another, but I've got one computer (TOM) that can only read the...
  11. Fabien

    erasing owner and permission of pictures

    Hello, My problem is that I cannot open or even copy some files in the hard drive of my former laptop because of permission and owner issues. To give you more context, I had a computer operating windows 7. The hard drive had a partition specific for saving data. My Pictures was set in this...
  12. Cardinal System

    Windows 7 Access Forbidden Files

    I was checking things out on my computer and discovered the "Folder and search options" under the "Organize" drop-down menu in windows explorer. It was then when I finally found how to view all the invisible files like the Cookies dir, or desktop.ini. I wanted to open the Cookies dir and look at...
  13. usermn

    Windows 8 No access to folders, cannot change permissions

    I'm running Windows 8.1 on a computer where I am the sole user and admin. I cannot seem to access many directories. For example, when I try to open the folder it says: When I try to change the security settings of that directory for myself, it says: How can I receive all permissions on all...
  14. D

    Windows 7 Can't access my C: Drive and lost my administrative rights.

    I was changing my security settings on my C: Drive and somehow it thought I clicked DENY... Now I can't open my Local C: Drive and somehow I lost my admin rights too. I tried enabling the secret Administrator, and it still says Access Denied. I also tried system restore, but it says I don't have...
  15. I

    Windows 10 'Run as administrator' results in error

    I'm facing a new problem with my computer today. There is a file on my desktop. I can double click it to run it normally. No problems at all. However when I run the file as administrator (right click file -> Run as administrator) I receive the following error message: "Windows cannot access...
  16. E

    Windows 8 [SOLVED] Cannot delete file, cannot take ownership, cannot even read permissions !

    There are a lot of threads on files or directories with access or deletion troubles, but this problem seems a little different, because apparently even the machine Administrator doesn't have Read permission on this file. In Windows 8.1, I created this .avi file and something went wrong when...
  17. NauFirefox

    Windows 10 Admin issues, about to lose it.

    After upgrading to Win 10, I've found I can't install anything, play any games, save anything, or use any program that creates, modifies, or deletes other files (even as part of the same folder). Unless I right click, and run as admin. I'm beyond frustrated and Linux sounds extremely tempting...
  18. Brad Younie

    Windows 10 Sharing hard drive only works when logged in as admin

    This happened in Windows 7, as well. I have an external hard drive connected to my desktop computer that I want to share with all my devices (2 laptops, plus Android devices). I did the following steps to share it: 1. In File Explorer, I right-clicked on the drive and picked Share...
  19. N

    Windows 8 Access to folders permissions

    I made a folder in my photos and wanted to make sure other users on the computer couldn't access it. I'm not the administrator by the way. So I changed the permissions so only I could access the folder but I accidentally took away my own permissions. Now I can access, delete, or do anything with...
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