1. Creapath

    Windows 10 How to remove the background of an image/photo (without Photoshop)

    This tutorial video shows how to remove the background of an image/photo using Power Point (without photoshop)
  2. M

    Photo App Album File Location

    I love the new Windows 10 Photo Album and I want to be able to backup the album file. (Not export the album pictures into a folder) But the file that contains the list of pictures and videos of what is in the album. But I cannot find it anywhere on my Computer. The reason for this is that I...
  3. boriskarloff

    Windows 10 Troubleshooting with images

    I have a problem is drving me crazy. I save photos on a camera on PC. I transfer on NAS (D-link with hard disk mirrored) the photos, and sometimes some photos are corrupted. The preview is corrupted and if I open, it is corrupted. Now the unbelievable. If I rename the name file (not the...
  4. M

    Windows 10 One Drive Phone Pictures

    I take a pictures on the phone and it syncs with One Drive, I have tried to disable One Drive, however the pictures still show up on the computer and on the start menu. It is an android phone.
  5. Chakor Channing

    Windows 7 New Image File Loading Preview(?)

    Just today I noticed that the preview for images in my libraries (png, jpg, gif, etc files) is different from what it was before. When images were taking a while to load, the preview would be a framed image of mountain and sun or something like that, but now this is what I see: I thought that...
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