1. Creapath

    Windows 10 How to remove the background of an image/photo (without Photoshop)

    This tutorial video shows how to remove the background of an image/photo using Power Point (without photoshop)
  2. S

    Windows 7 Saving a new Theme in Powerpoint

    Powerpoint is saving my file when I try to save a new theme but the page is blank when I try to apply the new theme. I have used two .png files in the theme and a shape but I don't think this can be the problem Im very stuck for ideas and would really appreciate some help Thanks in advace
  3. S

    Windows 7 Problems with Clip Art not showing pictures

    Hi I would be so grateful for help on this - Clip Art is connecting to Bing but won't show any pictures at all. I just get red crosses. I have added the clip art site to AVG but really can't think what to do next. Can you help? Thanks
  4. jonklaus

    Slow Office Sync with onedrive

    I often work with rather large PowerPoint files (embedded videos, etc), and am having a really irritating problem with files that I have synced with OneDrive. Every time I save these large files, Office first saves a local copy, then proceeds to give an "Uploading to OneDrive" message at the...
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