remove win 10

  1. redbourn

    Windows 10 how to delete unused W10 from a partition

    Hi and thanks for any help. About 18 months ago a technician in Portugal installed 2 SSD drives for me and a version of Windows 10 - but in Portuguese. I then installed a version of W10 in English and all has been working fine; after a few bumps on the road. Anyway, I'm using the C drive but...
  2. MDJ

    Windows downgrade

    Hi all, Miles here I am a pensioner who inherited a very low-spec laptop recently: it is an Intel Celeron unit, running (sic) Windows 10 64bit with only 2Gb RAM installed. Needless to say it is constantly runnng at 100% disk usage, and as a tool it is not functional. Yes, I could purchase more...