Windows downgrade


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Hi all, Miles here

I am a pensioner who inherited a very low-spec laptop recently: it is an Intel Celeron unit, running (sic) Windows 10 64bit with only 2Gb RAM installed.
Needless to say it is constantly runnng at 100% disk usage, and as a tool it is not functional.
Yes, I could purchase more RAM but it only has a single slot, and my needs are not those of a power user so I am hoping to find other options.
I have access to a ISO of Win XP which has much lighte RAM needs. Is it feasible to uninstall Win 10 and then install Win XP in its place? If yes, please let me have step-by-step instructions.
Any other suggestions also welcome (polite please).
Thank you


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There is no downgrade process. You'd need to do a clean install.

Windows XP has been end of life for years so you'll run into a lot of problems
  • It will likely be difficult to find drivers
  • Software no longer supports XP so you would basically be running vulnerable unsupported software on a vulnerable unsupported OS
  • You won't be able to activate XP
If you do go to XP I would strongly recommend never connecting this to a network.