safe mode

  1. T

    Safe Mode at boot time

    Windows 10 and 11 Okay, I give up. "f8" is gone. If Windows won't load normally and I want to boot into safe mode at boot time (can set anything in Windows as it won't boot), how do I do it? Many thanks, -T
  2. V

    after going into safe mode my pc restarts and then boots up with a black screen

    So when I was trying to go to safe mode I went to "msconfig" using "Run" then I clicked "boot" then I clicked safe boot and set it to minimal after that i clicked apply and restarted my pc and my pc shows the "HKC" logo then says "no signal" and then the "no signal" thing disappeared and then...
  3. H

    Windows 10 Safe mode checked on. Black screen on startup

    Hi, i checked safe mode on by pressing Windows and R and searching msiconfig and ticked safe boot as minimal. Now when i start pc its just a black screen showing on the monitor. I cant reach login screen or see bios screen is there anyway to disable this as i start up? Many thanks
  4. leejh96

    Windows 10 Windows 10 1903 BUGS/ISSUES - Some System Function Not Working After Restart Into Start-Up Settings

    Hi all, Some of my PC's system process/function not working after restart into start-up settings. This issue occurs after upgraded to Windows 10 1903. The video in the link given below illustrate the process to reproduce the issue. Google Drive: New video by Lee Jia Hui Youtube: (Problem...
  5. X

    Windows 10 Windows when logging in gives system service exception

    Recently my pc has been having problems where when i attempt to log in to my windows 10 dell inspirion 5555 laptop it immediately crashes with a system service error. This problem however first originated from a driver problem. I ran an acpi shutdown on my computer. Upon bootimg back up it could...
  6. H

    Windows 10 Really weird boot up and other issues

    Okay so bought a Dell inspiron 7th gen i5 laptop 2 months ago, so its outside the warranty dates, and I would appreciate some input. Every time I open my laptop after it has been closed and gone to sleep, the login prompt disappears. The login screen is there, and the mouse and keyboard work...