1. blksith0

    Screenshot software that can capture only on detected changes

    Does that make sense? Say you're looking at a weather-radar display online and it just randomly intermittently updates, so I want to point a screen recording/capture software at that area and leave it running, but only have it capture a frame when there's an update/change in the capture region...
  2. Garv Maggu

    Windows 10 DEFAULT Screenshots of "Turn Windows Features ON or OFF" ?

    Can somebody just post the whole screenshots of "Turn Windows Features ON or OFF" dialog box with all the sub-sections and sub-boxes? I just messed up with turning random features on and off. That's why I need them. Please post images just like I attached the images with all the sub-sections...
  3. Jack Law

    Windows 10 Cannot Take Screenshots On Windows 10

    Hi i have the latest version of windows on my laptop. I pressed print screen to take a screenshot of some important work which i was doing, but when i went into my folders and then to try find screenshots, its not there for some reason? Can Anyone Help?