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  1. reedanuar

    Configure Windows Search Bar Result

    There's something that's been bugging me and costs me time for my works. The windows search bar prioritizes folders instead of applications, how can I change this? Thank you! :)
  2. C

    Intentionally breaking Windows 10 Search Bar

    Hey there, I'm an IT Technician at a secondary school currently setting up Windows 10 for our students. Currently they're all using 7 and we have a pre-configured image which we roll out to all our computers using pxe, this is set up with many pre-installed programs and settings. We're...
  3. Windows 7: Libraries, Search Index, and Online Backup

    Windows 7: Libraries, Search Index, and Online Backup

    Full Article: Get Dropbox: In this video, I demonstrate the Library feature in Windows 7, the configuration and use of, Indexing Options, and the ability to backup your files, at any time, on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud with a product known as...
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