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server 2016

  1. T

    FTP not working over WAN, Server 2016

    Hello All, I am hoping that someone can assist. I have searched the forums, and have not been able to find a solution. I have a Windows 2016 running an FTP server. I can access locally to the direct server IP with no issues. I have my firewall set to port forward traffic from my public IP, to...
  2. Parallax Abstraction

    Server 2016 Cannot Install Cumulative Security Updates

    Hi everyone! I've been trying to solve this issue for a while now and it has me ripping my hair out so I hope someone can assist. I have a client with a Windows Server 2016 system on bare metal. It's been fine since 2017 but in the last couple of months, it's been failing to install monthly...
  3. A

    AlwaysOn VPN Connects, but Unable to Access Local Network Resources

    Hi all, I've been struggling with this issue for a couple weeks now. I recently deployed an AlwaysOn VPNfor a local engineering firm to allow employees to work from home (especially with the pandemic). I followed several tutorials including Microsoft's own. I am able to connect...
  4. Nalazzabi

    Read Only Domain Controller , How to prevent add and modify users & GPO

    Dear at Microsoft Answers ,,, I have created RODC in my office connected to my PDC , the installation steps i took from Microsoft docs and Alternetive Websites ... The issue is that the RODC can Add/Modify/Delete Users & Groups , how to prevent that ? i want the RODS be able to read only . HINT...
  5. computehelp

    How To Clean Install Windows Server 2016 - Step by Step Guide

    This video tutorial shows you How To Clean Install Windows Server 2016 in VirtualBox on Windows 10 PC. This procedure also works for installation Windows Server 2016 on real physical computer or physical server :) Hope, this video guide will help :)