1. AyyyJono

    ApplicationData Shortcut to itself?

    I've recently come across something that has perplexed me and I do not understand the reason for it. Under C:\Users there is a shortcut called All Users. This takes me to C:\ProgramData. In ProgramData there is a shortcut for Desktop, Documents, Start Menu, Templates but oddly, ApplicationData...
  2. M

    Windows 7 Automatic update of 'Target' and 'Start in' with Bash

    Hi, I want to automatic update Properties for a Windows shortcut from a Bash script. Especially values in Target and Start in. Typically update from e.g. 'Open Office 4' to 'Open Office 5' for those. Any idea? Thanks!
  3. Jean109

    Windows 10 How do I create a directory shortcut for shell use?

    Hi, I am wondering how to create a shell shortcut for a directory. %windir% for instance points to C:\Windows. I'd like to also create a shell shortcut called %rubydir% which points to C:\PROGRA~1\CMD\Ruby223. Can you walk me through what I need to do?