1. W

    Windows 10 How to change default folder name

    I just bought a new laptop. First, it forced me to login through microsoft and that will be how I login to Windows, and forced me to use skype. Even worse, it forced me to have that "skype" folder. This is bad because this is the place where dropbox and many others are saved by default. I have...
  2. LarsFalgren

    Windows 10 Icon + Skype and Steam Problem

    I'm havning all kinds of weird problems with the new windows on my gaming laptop, these are just the most annoying ones 1: Desktop icons: My icons wont use the rightside of the screen or the whole buttom line, so i have a really huge gap i cant fill cus they dont wanna go there, iv tryed no...
  3. You're Invited: Skype Webcast Meeting on July 7, 2012

    You're Invited: Skype Webcast Meeting on July 7, 2012

    Editor's Note: The meeting has expired. Why You're Invited: Discuss the latest forum changes at and and the latest software changes from Microsoft. Join us to discuss everything and anything related to your activity on the...
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