1. nichosi

    Windows 10 up grading to w10

    Hi, Some time ago I was prompted to get w10 pro 64bit Insider for free, eventually I downloaded it on a USB stick & eventually I updated my W8.1 to w10. I do not remember if I needed activation product key for this free Windows 10 Insider , I only have the w8.1 one. I tried to up grate my...
  2. stueycaster

    remove user from file manager?

    This is on my cousin's computer. It has ESET Smart Security. The Anti-Theft feature creates a phantom user account that alerts ESET if someone tries to log on to it. His wife did. It then alerted him that someone tried to log on to his computer over his phone. The problem is when she logged...
  3. chancelen

    BSOD Multiple times. cause unknown

    Hello. I've been having a where blue screens are random and sometimes happen multiple times a day. I thought i solved it as I was listening to music with musicbee and playing lol and i crashed. It stopped happening after I stopped using music bee but it crashed randomly today again when watching...
  4. R

    No boot from usb option in advanced startup.

    Hi, I am currently running windows 10 pro. When I go to advanced startup options and click on restart, the pc restarts but the option something like 'boot from an external disk or usb' is nowhere to be found even after inserting a bootable usb flash drive and restarting. Any help will be highly...
  5. Protos Angelus

    Windows 10 stuck at 32% upgrade

    Hello, I need help with installing Windows 10 on my HP Probook 470 G2 laptop. I've tried to install it by Windows Update, didn't work, error 80200402. I've deleted downloads folder inside Software Distribution and restarted it, still didn't work so I used a new account with "net user...
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