Windows 11 Very slow cold boot, driver loading problems


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Oct 23, 2023

So I used the "auto-update" tool from amd to update every amd related driver on my 5900HX laptop. I kept downloading the latest version of the Adrenaline drivers and it was telling me it wasn't compatible, I didn't realize at the time they dropped support for GCN/Vega already so I thought I'd try updating with this tool instead.

I updated everything using that tool, everything is fine except booting up from cold now takes almost 2 full minutes when it was maybe 20 seconds at most before (loading animation screen). I enabled boot logging and there seems to be loops where windows is trying to load the same drivers and failing over and over again (example in the screenshot. It looks like 70-80% of the log file is BOOTLOG_NOT_LOADED). I googled a bit and decided to try windows' own verifier tool to try and fix the problem. After selecting all drivers to be checked and restarting, verifier keeps causing "system_thread_exception_not_handled" BSODs every time. To get into windows again I had to do verifier /reset and cancel the driver verification.

How do I proceed here? I'd rather not go through a fresh windows installation if possible.
Any help is appreciated.


Have you run a drive fitness test? Failing drives can have that affect
I ran chkdsk on my only drive (NVME) and it returned no errors. The laptop itself is only 1 year old.

I tried verifier again but unchecked all microsoft drivers. It seems to be working fine for about 20 minutes now stress testing all the other drivers, didn't get any blue screens yet. So I guess one should avoid using verifier on microsoft's own drivers? idk but looks like it.
I was able to fix the issue by simply completely removing the graphics drivers (not chipset drivers) using the amd cleanup utility, installing the minimal graphics drivers provided by ASUS for the laptop because I tried reinstalling only the graphics drivers using the auto-detect tool and I had the same problem resurface.

Now the windows loading animation takes maybe 12 seconds max and I'm at the login screen as usual. The bootlog looks fine as well. Everything works as it should. The whole driver verifier thing was unnecessary. I haven't tried the latest graphics drivers from amd yet (offline installation, not with the auto-detect tool) but I'm just gonna leave it like this with the latest OEM drivers dating back to march of this year. I tested the iGPU performance using aida64's GPGPU benchmark and it's exactly the same as it was before. I don't think there's any need to upgrade, especially knowing they dropped support for GCN/Vega.
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