1. Rishab7

    Windows 8 Need Help with SQL Query Interview Questions

    Hello, I am currently preparing for upcoming interviews and have been practicing SQL queries to improve my skills. While searching for useful resources, I came across an interesting set of SQL Query Interview Questions and Answers. I find these questions quite challenging and beneficial for...
  2. N

    Windows 11 How to write a program whose input various information of the companies

    Hi, I want to write a program whose input is the names of the companies and when adding the name of each company, it will take various information from that company of different types, 1- TextBox (daily production rate), 2- CheckBox (select product features), 3- OptionButton (the gender of...
  3. A

    Windows 7 What to do if the database under MS SQL went to Suspect Mode?

    In the work I came up against a situation when the working database at the end of day went to the Suspect Mode. And the archive was in many hours before. To transfer it in normal mode, until isn't made repaired base it was impossible. DBCC checkdb also refused to run because the database is in...
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