ssd messed up

  1. Tombergen

    Windows 10 Recovering from System Cloning errors

    Trying to fix GPT Partition name corruption from cloning original HDD to a new M-2 pci (NVMe) SDD on a Dell XPS desktop using Todo EaseUS (what a mistake that was!). System works but generates XML script errors when doing disk image backup (0x 8087800A1 with error msg: 2155348129). I can boot...
  2. ragnarok1968

    Windows 7 Weird issue: my battery in my laptop died

    So there I was, copping Z's. I slept for an hour or so. But upon waking up, my laptop was off completely. I looked and looked.. come to find out, someone while I was knocked out, turned off my surge protector and my laptop ran until it turned off. So I get rid of the surge protector and plug...
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