Weird issue: my battery in my laptop died


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So there I was, copping Z's. I slept for an hour or so. But upon waking up, my laptop was off completely.

I looked and looked.. come to find out, someone while I was knocked out, turned off my surge protector and my laptop ran until it turned off. So I get rid of the surge protector and plug the system is. But my entire SSD drive, drive C: was borked. Now upon boot up in Legacy mode, I see the Intel Raid utility through my Bios while booting.

I cannot explain this enough to make sure you don't lose power and let your laptop battery drain. So I ended up reinstalling Windows 7 and I'm back in business.

I'm curious as to how this happened..


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it appears that having that switch on the surge protector was one part of the issue, while I'm not totally sure as to "why" but I know that it best to leave my system plugged in ONLY if it's plugged into the wall outlet so there's continual power. AFTER I got it started again, after the Bios passed off the control to the OS, it would boot to the starting windows screen then BSOD and reboot. So I had to reinstall windows 7 all over.

so either shut down your system, or if you keep it on, like doing updates while going to the local store. Just make sure your power source is constant or do updates when you are home.


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Having the power run out shouldn't really damage the computer, if you have a shutdown option of sleep you certainly could have corruption but it generally won't affect BIOS unless your CMOS battery is bad.

It's likely to simply be a coincident.


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naw's the battery is good. It seems to have borked the drive partition on my SSD. So I'm thinking I'll just have to be extremely cautious in the future.

I need to get my system shut itself down when it gets to X% I think. But seeing the Intel Raid feature in my systems bios was interesting.

@Neemobeer is smart, Neemobeer is wise. ;)


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Hi Ragnar,
Neem is right as usual. My 8 year Sony is occasionally left off AC power to complete a full discharge cycle on the battery, and it used to run W7 (now on W10; in fact it came with Vista!), and on both W7 & W10, this has not ever been a problem with it. In fact that's not a problem on any of my laptops--it's more likely to be a problem with your SSD. By the way, what make/model is it? There are many of those with problems. In the meantime, did you run TRIM diagnostic on it yet? It's quite possible the SSD is failing or has failed and is the real cause of the problem. Take a look here:
Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure

This page covers how to run diags on both HDDs and SSDs for most brands out there. It might be worth it to test that. If the problem persists after running TRIM on your SSD, I'd suggest replacing the SSD with a Kingston or Samsung or Intel new SSD and try it again; it's quite likely to fix that problem for you.:up: I have a Kingston 120GB SSD in the Sony now, but even with 2 or 3 different brands of HDDs running in it, it never displayed that particular problem.

Let us know how it goes.
Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!:usa:


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there appears to be a RAID chip on my MOBO. Crystaldiskinfo shows my SMART readings are GOOD.

I never realized it but, I have a raid controller built into the laptops MOBO. it's an intel raid controller too.

Thanks BBJ!