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start menu wont open

  1. Phant0m

    Windows 11 Missing menus on Windows 11 builds like Start menu, notification panel, media popup (beside volume)

    Ever since I tried the first beta build of Windows 11 on my Surface Book 2, all the menus I mentioned seem to be invisible. Same goes for all the other small popups from the taskbar like the battery, WiFi, volume, date and time, and language select popups. I reverted back to Windows 10 in the...
  2. Neemobeer

    Windows 10 How to reset the Windows Start Menu

    *UPDATE - 12/05/2019* -- I rewrote the code to handle the appx package name changes. *UPDATE - 04/14/2019* -- I'm updated the code to make it more reliable and to simply the instructions This tutorial will help you reset the Start Menu if you are experiencing issues such as it won't load at...