1. leosk

    Windows 11 Is there no good tool for windows that is not paid and offers a decent taskbar

    Forgive me if I am being ignorant of some common facts since I am mostly a linux user but have to use windows 11 without choice. One of the main things I always have is network monitor in the taskbar. In windows 7, i remembered using a tool called netspeed monitor and i tried the same in...
  2. RUDY03

    Windows 10 Start Menu not opening, Explorer refreshes whenever folders are opened and said folders close immediately. URGENT help needed.

    Genuine Windows 10, came with Asus Zenbook. Since yesterday, I can't save anything, as the "save" browser box doesn't open. As soon as I open any folders, explorer refreshes and said folder is closed instantly. Also, the Start Menu doesn't open. Tried running MalwareBytes once, got a BSOD...
  3. david99999

    Windows 10 Missing Icons

    Sometimes, Icons on Start are missing. :oops:
  4. RUDY03

    Windows 10 Windows Search web-based queries not opening in preview mode.

    The title is so due to my lack of better words to describe the problem. Also, I don't know if the term I used ("preview mode") is what it really is called, or not, so please pardon me. As you can see in the above, I am getting a link "Open in Browser", when I press the right arrow, which is...
  5. hrast128

    Windows 10 Show All Apps View /w full screen Start after 1703 update

    Hello all! I just freshly installed the 1703 Creators Update. I would like to use Start in full screen, where the All Apps View is shown first (not the default pinned Start tiles view). I know this was possible to set up in 8.1 and in 10 RTM, but now with the gradual "metroization" of settings...
  6. P

    Windows 7 Clear Windows Start Menu with Batch?

    Hi everyone, after doing a clean Windows 7 reinstall I was wondering if there is a way to quickly clear the Start Menu Folder by writing a Batch file. I only know how to delete a single entry via the "reg delete <Path>" command however this only works if you add the name of the specific Program...
  7. Y

    Windows 10 Poor Start Screen Design. No option for 4 Columns on Start Screen?

    I'm very disappointed in the customization options in Windows 8-10. Firstly, users have to use third-party software to post their own tiles.. which is like using third-party software to make the modern equivalent of icons and shortcuts. No wonder normal users never liked the Start Screen which...
  8. Start Menu in Windows 8: Start8

    Start Menu in Windows 8: Start8

    In this review, Mike Fara at shows you some of the features of Stardock's Start8. With this software, you will be able to bring back the "Start Menu" from Windows 7 and prior Windows versions, without any significant performance overhead. This video is not a paid endorsement...
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