Windows 11 Is there no good tool for windows that is not paid and offers a decent taskbar


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Jan 22, 2023
Forgive me if I am being ignorant of some common facts since I am mostly a linux user but have to use windows 11 without choice.

One of the main things I always have is network monitor in the taskbar. In windows 7, i remembered using a tool called netspeed monitor and i tried the same in windows 11. But it seems that windows 11 has removed the option to add toolbars entirely. So after some searching, I installed a software called explorerpatch that adds this option, but it breaks the sound popup and battery popup and adds a separate button for control centre (which is actually nice) behind a settings icon which makes no sense to me.

Then after more searching i tried another tool called startallback, and it is almost everything i require, but it seems to be free trial that costs 5$. There is no way I am going to pay 5$ for such a basic feature that has been removed by MS for mysterious reasons.

Its really frustrating and lack of configurability, proper tools is screaming at me to wipe it off and install some other OS but that is not an option for me right now.

So is there some way I can get network speed to show in my taskbar without breaking the UI?
well you could stop using Windows 11 and install Windows 10 instead... at least for the next two years

Microsoft doesn't want average users knowing how to turn things off and will be happy to break the system in order to force a user to do things their way... these so called $ tools mostly just use the base code that is still currently in Windows 11 to turn things back on i.e, the code that makes them work is still there and [for now] Microsoft has only disabled the ui part but you can expect that to change at a later date when people start using it

so the bottom line here is Microsoft owns your Windows 11 system... they will change it without your permission [offen without even telling you] and unless you are willing to learn complex script codes or just never allow access to the internet there isn't really any thing you can do about it
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