1. M

    Windows 10 Windows 10 HUGE problem, please help??

    I accidentally checked the 'Read-only' attribute for one of the folders under 'Users' inside the C drive. I am not sure if this is the cause but here are the following symptoms. 1. I cannot even click the taskbar icons such as 'Start', 'Search' and others. 2. I cannot right-click any folder and...
  2. M

    When Cursor is moved from taskbar to the newly opened page- - -

    the new page just vanishes. Help!
  3. carsten888

    How to stop taskbar buttons from mysteriously switching order?

    I always have 2 browsers open (one for local development work and one for online). Sometimes, all of a sudden, the order of the buttons has changed. They simply switched order. Why? Please note, this is not about the order of different apps. I know you can just drag and drop those. This is...
  4. 4

    Oddities persisting over multiple installs

    Hello, I've recently had some troubles with moving between Win8.1 and Win10, and decided to stick with 8 for the time being. When I got back there, I was met with two strange things: My internet explorer homepage is Hao123 And my taskbar menus have different backgrounds to the typical, including...
  5. G

    Windows 10 Taskbar, internet and OneDrive don't work

    Good day, community! One day I tried Groove to find my music and assigned it to search on :C, which gave me over 7k titles. So when I tried to change where it should search again, nothing happened, after which I decided to restart the pc to see if anything has changed. It has indeed. After the...
  6. M

    Windows 7 Professional Task Bar

    When I minimize a window or application in Windows 7 Professional it does not get pinned to the task bar. The only way I can access open windows is by pressing "widows tab" and then selecting the appropriate window. Is there a way I can pin all open windows to the task bar and then preview them...
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