1. S

    How to disable (permanently hide) the Windows (11) Taskbar

    Hello guys, Just joined this forum for this very issue: The Windows Taskbar does not work for me and is extremely distracting! I want to use all of my screen, so I prefer having it hidden. However Auto-hide has been a buggy mess (Windows 10 + 11; tested on several machines over several years)...
  2. leosk

    Windows 11 Is there no good tool for windows that is not paid and offers a decent taskbar

    Forgive me if I am being ignorant of some common facts since I am mostly a linux user but have to use windows 11 without choice. One of the main things I always have is network monitor in the taskbar. In windows 7, i remembered using a tool called netspeed monitor and i tried the same in...
  3. Naz

    Windows 11 Windows 11 Taskbar Glitch [w/ Microsoft Teams] & Covered

    Hello everyone! I am currently facing 2 main issues with my Windows 11 Home taskbar, and they are as below: Issue #1: • When I am in a meeting using Microsoft Teams, (not sharing screen), and I move my cursor to the bottom side of the screen under the taskbar; the taskbar pops out and glitches...
  4. H

    Windows 10 Taskbar on top overlaps titel bar of windows

    I have put my taskbar to the top. If I open apps with a link, e.g. Telegram, it opens mostly with the title bar under the taskbar. Then I can't minimize the window without putting the taskbar somewhere else. Sometimes a can accumulate the windows side by side with right-click options in the...
  5. Nomad of Norad

    Windows 10 The new "News and Interest" feature in Win10 has stopped giving me the weather

    A few days ago, I noticed my Win10 taskbar had added a new feature to the left of the system-tray, which when moused over, displays news and weather and whatnot. At that location in the taskbar, it was showing me the weather. Mostly it showed the current temperature, and a particular symbol...
  6. D

    Windows 10 New To Windows 10

    I have Classic Shell installed and have made Windows 10 look like Windows 7. My taskbar is transparent or white...I'm not sure. I'd like to put some color in the task bar. Can someone find the time to help me? Thank you.
  7. moeez25041993

    Windows 10 SmartTaskbar Windows 10...............

    Hi... I need your guys help. SmartTaskbar is working fine for me. But after some tweaks on the OS, i wanted it to do something like: When I go to the Desktop, it should hide the Taskbar whereas when using any application, it should unhide. Right now, the case is vice versa i.e. when I go to the...
  8. rald

    Taskbar is still visible when in fullscreen mode of video player or streaming

    I don't know what happened to my Windows 10 Sometimes the taskbar was still visible when I enter full screen mode in the video player or streaming Here is the screenshot : Please explain to me whats wrong with it, what happen, and what should i do to solve it
  9. M

    Windows 10 Windows 10 HUGE problem, please help??

    I accidentally checked the 'Read-only' attribute for one of the folders under 'Users' inside the C drive. I am not sure if this is the cause but here are the following symptoms. 1. I cannot even click the taskbar icons such as 'Start', 'Search' and others. 2. I cannot right-click any folder and...
  10. M

    Windows 10 When Cursor is moved from taskbar to the newly opened page- - -

    the new page just vanishes. Help!
  11. carsten888

    Windows 10 How to stop taskbar buttons from mysteriously switching order?

    I always have 2 browsers open (one for local development work and one for online). Sometimes, all of a sudden, the order of the buttons has changed. They simply switched order. Why? Please note, this is not about the order of different apps. I know you can just drag and drop those. This is...
  12. 4

    Windows 8 Oddities persisting over multiple installs

    Hello, I've recently had some troubles with moving between Win8.1 and Win10, and decided to stick with 8 for the time being. When I got back there, I was met with two strange things: My internet explorer homepage is Hao123 And my taskbar menus have different backgrounds to the typical, including...
  13. G

    Windows 10 Taskbar, internet and OneDrive don't work

    Good day, community! One day I tried Groove to find my music and assigned it to search on :C, which gave me over 7k titles. So when I tried to change where it should search again, nothing happened, after which I decided to restart the pc to see if anything has changed. It has indeed. After the...
  14. M

    Windows 7 Windows 7 Professional Task Bar

    When I minimize a window or application in Windows 7 Professional it does not get pinned to the task bar. The only way I can access open windows is by pressing "widows tab" and then selecting the appropriate window. Is there a way I can pin all open windows to the task bar and then preview them...
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