1. bedouinbro

    one drive custom folders sync

    i want to sync two custom folders with the same name from different directories to Onedrive, found something in this forum...
  2. R

    OneDrive issue

    I unlinked my OneDrive account and this called trouble. After unlinking, MS Outlook doesn't start, I can't even check my emails. The only option was to purchase a monthly plan for storage in Onedrive. It seems choosing Office 365 was my biggest mistake in the first place...
  3. Zack12

    Transfer large amount of files

    I have about 3 million files and folders sized (240G) on a local PC . Once the main job is synced only a thousand or so files change every day. What I am trying to do is to sync the entire contents to a webhost via ftp and keep it updated as the files change on my local PC. So what I need , is...
  4. M

    Windows 10 One Drive Phone Pictures

    I take a pictures on the phone and it syncs with One Drive, I have tried to disable One Drive, however the pictures still show up on the computer and on the start menu. It is an android phone.
  5. T

    Windows 10 How to disable all synchronizations with Windows 10?

    I had Windows 10 installed on your computer as a means to update 8.1. I had to format the computer and installed Windows 10 from scratch. Now came up with some of the previous installation settings. (so open Windows for the first time, were already there) I want a Windows completely new. Some...