Windows 10 One Drive Phone Pictures


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Jul 2, 2015
I take a pictures on the phone and it syncs with One Drive, I have tried to disable One Drive, however the pictures still show up on the computer and on the start menu. It is an android phone.

The sync settings will be under Settings > Backup and Restore and also under Settings > Accounts > "Account Name" > Sync Settings on Android.

This is a setting that gets setup on your phone when you first got it and went through the new phone setup. You'll also have to logout of OneDrive on each computer that you've set it up on, and if that doesn't work you'll have to sign into OneDrive on each computer and change the sync settings on the PC as well as on the Android phone.

FYI, there is a popup screen on most Windows 8x/10 computers that are running OneDrive (which comes with your Windows) that asks you if you wish to save any photos snapped by your phone to be saved automatically on your OneDrive account. If you ever said yes to that on any of your desktop PCs, laptops, or Tablets, that's why your photos are being saved to all your devices including OneDrive on your Android phone! And it's tough to disable once you've made that selection. Microsoft want's to take over your ability to manage your pictures for you.:eek: Once you make that decision, it can be really tough to undo without doing factor resets on all your devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, phones) that you've ever run OneDrive on.:waah: Specifically, that means that you've logged into your OneDrive account on 1 or more of these devices. It's sort of like a 1-way bus-ticket to losing your ability to manage your photos.:skull: Hopefully, you have no iPhones that are using the Apple Cloud involved with your OneDrive cause that gets really hinky to fix.:wound: