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  1. S

    Windows 10 Problem - Please Help

    Might be a dumb question, but i cannot find an answer for it. My issue is a software page not being able to move by clicking the top of it and dragging it like every other page does, the only way i can move it is by pressing it (windows key+shift+arrow keys) to my second monitor, i cannot freely...
  2. ussnorway

    Windows 10 Adobe Premiere pro blocked windows task bar

    so Windows users know that Adobe like Mac and Windows doesn't always make a good fit for their software... in this case the task bar covers your options so you can't click it it doesn't matter what your screen rez is set to because Adobe will help by auto moving the ui to 'fit' the space... so...
  3. C

    Windows 10 Taskbar and Start Menu Broken After Windows Update Today

    After putting off the big update pushed by Microsoft (is it called "Creator's update"?) for a couple days, I finally relented today and did it. It took quite a while, but when it came up, I desperately wished I'd NOT done it. First, my taskbar lost most of the items I'd customized to it. I...
  4. GeoNomad

    Windows 10 Task Bar is too high - Can't widen System Tray

    After a W10 update a few weeks ago, my task bar became 3 lines high and it became impossible to widen the System Tray area. I have tried various forum suggestions around icon sizing, etc, but nothing helps. There is plenty of room to widen the system tray area, which would have (in the past)...
  5. K

    Windows 7 Tool / task bar change?

    Hi, My Windows 7 task bar below the desktop has reverted to the primitive square 'start' button as opposed to the newer round button. Why has this happened please? It looks like the task bar from Safe Mode? How can I get the proper Windows 7 bar back again please? There were a couple of crashes...
  6. ussnorway

    Customise the task bar in WX

    I assume some people don't want the leave feed back nag or just want to feel in control... these settings are what appears on the bottom right hand side of a default WX screen. right click a blank part of the bottom task bar and pick "properties" find "turn system icons on or off" make...
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