1. Wild Bill Hip Hop

    new Lenovo laptop and need help with some worksheet files

    TWIMC, I'm setting up my new 2020 Lenovo Ideapad 17 with Windows 10 and I have a worksheet I downloaded that I can't write answers on. They told me to download it and open it with a pdf reader. I downloaded it and saved it to One Drive but it still won't let me write on it when I open it. I...
  2. B

    Windows 10 Get rid of "Type" column everywhere in File Explorer

    In File Explorer/Manager the info column called Type appears almost everywhere on my PCs, apparently by default. I do not like it - it's an excessively wordy equivalent for File Extension, that takes up far too much space. I know how to eliminate it for selected groups of folders; but doing it...
  3. T

    Smart Playlist Files

    I am trying to find a new music player for Windows that supports .m3u playlists for regular playlist but also supports smart playlists. I cannot find a music player that supports smart playlist as a file except for Windows Media Player. Itunes supports smart playlists but each playlist is not a...
  4. M

    Windows 7 Changing 'Sort by Type' order

    If I set my files to Sort by file type in Windows Explorer, is there a way to change which order the various file types are arranged in? I would like to have all of my videos and images together respectively; but currently my videos are sandwiched between different types of image file.
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