Windows 10 Get rid of "Type" column everywhere in File Explorer


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May 21, 2022
In File Explorer/Manager the info column called Type appears almost everywhere on my PCs, apparently by default. I do not like it - it's an excessively wordy equivalent for File Extension, that takes up far too much space. I know how to eliminate it for selected groups of folders; but doing it everywhere is tedious. What I really want is some way to globally remove it as an option, now and for ever. For example, could the Registry be modified to eliminate Type from the column headers right-click drop-down and add Extension, that is, make that the default for all folders everywhere?

Thanks in advance for any advice, instructions, and words of wisdom.

I only have/ had, three instances. One on my main hd, another on my dual booted OS and another on my external.
All I did with all three was to click the main Heading (type) and, in the drop down, untick "type"

Thanks Dave,
The procedure you describe is what I refer to (3rd sentence) in my original post. But I want to go further. I want to remove Type as one of the defaults in that drop-down list and add File Extension in its place. Right now, to get File Extension, I have to click on More at the bottom and then scroll down through dozens of choices to select Extension. I want to be able to customize the drop-down list, and I would think I could do that through the Registry. Any thoughts?

The best you can do is untick the box as Dave suggests. The list is hard coded into Windows Explorer and it is not editable.

I had a nagging fear that the drop-down list might be hard-coded. If Microsoft is listening, they ought to make it customizable.