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  1. S

    Can not convert bios boot setting from legacy to UEFI, even though my disk is GPT.

    After trying to convert my Supermicro motherboard bios to use UEFI instead of legacy boot, I was not able to boot to windows server 2019 and my disk partition style is indeed GPT. I had to revert back to legacy. Should I re-install windows, I would really like to avoid this if possible. This is...
  2. B

    Windows 10 64 bit instalation

    Hy everyone. I have a Medion Akoya e2215t, which is running windows 10 32 bits. I want to install the 64 bits version, but the problem is that UEFI is 32 bits based. I tried installing Linux before and the solution was to change the file efi\boot\bootx64.efi to bootia32.efi. Where can I find the...
  3. MrMorrigan

    Windows 8 Fix bootloader on a pc without uefi/bios

    Hi everyone, My problem is that while trying to fix my uefi i broke my bootloader. The uefi is not loading since it is in fast boot mode, so i cant change the boot order or boot from another device like an recovery USB or CD. The Pc starts, fans are running, display lights up but I cant get into...
  4. R

    Windows 10 Install WinPE x86 and WinPE x64 on UEFI machine

    I´m currently working on the parallel installation of WinPE x64 and WinPE x86 on an UEFI machine. Up to now, I´ve managed to generate the needed WinPE image for x64 and x86 by using the Windows Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment. I was also able to install the WinPE x64 version in...
  5. choz

    Windows 10 Formatted EFI partition when installing Linux

    Hello everybody! As the title suggests, im in a bit of a rough one right now. I am not sure of this, but I am pretty sure I screwed my Windows bootloader on my machine. I can't speak in boot lingo since I don't exactly know what to call everything, so I'll do my best at exlaining the situation...
  6. patchie

    Windows 10 Installing win10 on my new computer using UEFI & USB stick

    My setup: I have just upgraded most of the parts in my computer(desktop), this includes the motherboard which supports UEFI. My image: I got an win10 image from a friend of mine, which he knows should work. What i have tried: 1. I have tried to install the .iso file on the USB stick using...
  7. Adeom

    Windows 10 dual boot (EFI) - windows 10 erases other entires

    I'm trying to set up a dual boot of windows 10 and Fedora 27. On every boot to windows, the windows removes fedoras boot entry (the windows update blue screen shows up at the start of the boot if the entry exists). Used the same dual boot setup over a month ago, worked fine through updates for...
  8. K

    Windows 7 Win7 Pro UEFI - cannot boot from USB

    Hello, I've got a problem installing Win7 Professional x64 on my GPT partition and using UEFI to boot on HP Probook 650 G1. I've got a DVD from HP with Win7 OEM version. 1. Made an ISO image from Win7 DVD I was sent from HP. 2. Using Rufus & my ISO image I created UEFI bootable USB. 3. UEFI...
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