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    Windows 10 Can not browse folders in USB drive

    Every time I plug my USB in the port "USB DRIVE(M: )" pops up in "Devices and drivers" next to "WIndows(C: )" for a split second and vanishes instantly. Since it's gone so quickly I can not access the fies on the USB drive. The drive is however still recognised by the computer. It is shown in...
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    Windows 7 Win7 System Repair USB

    I have read several articles, but I seem to be lost. I just purchased a refurbished Dell with Windows 7 Sp1 and wanted to create a system repair USB. I followed several how-tos and downloaded the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. I did not receive disks with my purchase and I have windows 7 pro...
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    Windows 10 Win 10 Tablet Sees USB drives, but does NOT see any data!

    I'm running 32-bit Windows 10 Pro on a Toshiba Encore 2, model WT10-A tablet. I can always boot it successfully from any UEFI USB flash drive (both 2.0 & 3.0), but when I insert either type when running Windows -- although they show up in both the Device Manager and the Disk Manager -- they...
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    Windows 7 Empty USB drives are not shown in Computer window

    Hi, I have a problem: my empty USB drives suddenly stop show in Computer window of my Win 7 Pro SP1 PC. If I insert, say, flash USB drive in the USB slot, it is immediately displayed in the window, and all works just fine. I remove it, and the icon vanishes. In Folder Options I have 'Show all...
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