visual studio 2015

  1. M

    C++ VS when making template class a friend of any instantiation of itself gets this error "cannot access private member declared in class"

    If anyone else is having the same issues with Studio that I am having this seems to be the best workaround that I have found. Avoid constexpr initialization of the 'kek' variable (by removing the 'constexpr' specifier on the variable and the 'constexpr' specifier from the Test::operator+()...
  2. N

    Windows 7 Problems installing Visual Studio 2015

    I have been trying to install it for a while now, and I am simply not able to do it. I have cleaned anything that was left from other versions to see if that was the error but nothing worked. I had VS 2012 before but it's gone now. I've reinstalled every c++ redis. package I could find, I've...
  3. Matthew Do

    Windows 10 Webinar: Introduction to Windows 10 IoT Core

    The release of Windows® 10 marks the first time in history that the Windows operating system will be simultaneously used across the entire range of computing platforms. From mobile phones to PCs and from Xbox™ to small embedded ARM® devices, each of these devices will use Windows® 10 with the...