1. ragnarok1968

    Windows 10 Using a VPN on Win10? Prevent Info Leakage

    article:Guide: Prevent DNS leakage while using a VPN on Windows 10 (and Windows 8) While the most popular way to keep your privacy online intact is through the use of a VPN provider, it's not always as straight forward as you think, by just installing it and hoping for the best. For that reason...
  2. R

    Cannot access shared resources through VPN - Windows Server 2008

    Having an issue with a VPN. The VPN is a basic PPTP VPN which is setup on our Firewall, for a user to connect the simply create a new VPN point it to our IP and log in with a username and password. The test machine im using is a laptop running Windows 7 64-BIT Professional. I can connect to...
  3. M

    VPN connected - but not working

    All of a sudden a VPN connection to my home network has become imperative for me, but I can't get it to work; I seem to be almost there - but not quite:-) At home, I duely set-up my Windows 7 desktop for incoming connections and configered the router. The client setup (windows 7 as well) gave me...
  4. O

    Snoopers Charter VPN advice needed

    With the Snoopers Charter coming soon in the UK, I intend to start using a VPN service. Disregarding issues of the VPN logging user details or leaving my IP address discoverable, what other potential personal information leaks should I be aware of? For instance, websites take a machine ID...
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