1. kidspointdotin

    Windows 11 Share your Windows 11 Desktop Wallpaper - I want some Ideas ...

    Can U share your Share your Windows 11 desktop Wallpaper ??
  2. Sim1Backer

    Windows Dynamic Desktop like Mac OS

    i have installed this programm, it working perfectly, but i can not change another image for wallpaper, have anybody know how to do it ?
  3. M

    Windows 7 Lost wallpaper, not put into default library. Can it be recovered?

    Accidentally I overwrote a much-loved Wallpaper. No idea where the picture came from, so unless I can somehow restore it from a Wallpaper history folder (is there such a thing?) it is lost for good. Any thoughts?
  4. Mike

    Windows 10 Share your Windows 10 desktop

    Here is my current desktop. I think it looks quite well compared to the default settings. (For anyone wondering why my Start button looks funky, its because I'm using Start10 temporarily) Share yours :) If anyone is wondering this wallpaper is from interfacelift — wallpapers, icons, themes...
  5. Windows 7 Animated Wallpapers

    Windows 7 Animated Wallpapers

    To my dismay, animated wallpapers and even extras were left out of Windows 7 Ultimate. No doubt the calls from Windows Vista Ultimate users running integrated graphics cards probably prompted them to remove this feature in Windows 7. Stardock was rumored to have a heavy hand in Microsoft desktop...
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