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  1. J

    Windows 10 Kernelbase.dll game crash after update - Solved!

    I had Hitman - Absolution for several years. I played a lot on the same system with then same O/S. I am trying to play it again this week but it keeps on crashing and in the event viewer it shows the issue is that Kernelbase.dll is causing it to crash. I tried several versions of the game but...
  2. Ashwin Tyagi

    Windows 7 Bignox virtual support

    The whole story in short is, I been trying for days to install a 64 bit android emulator in windows 10 64 bit 8gb ram core 2 quad q9400, gt710. It's not successful, as it's stuck at 99%, while if I install 32 bit android emulator it's working. So I dual booted with windows 7 and tried 64 bit...
  3. P

    Windows 10 iphone … unplug from port or remove-hardware option?

    iphone … unplug from port or remove-hardware option? windows 10.0 (home ed) 64bit … (upgraded from oem-8.0/8.1) … current-build: 10586.318 (1511) apple-iphone … 3gs … version: 6.1.3 … modem-firmware: 05.16.08 toshiba satellite P55-A5312 (laptop) attached apple's oem-cable to usb-port …...