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Windows 7 Bignox virtual support

Ashwin Tyagi

New Member
Jun 24, 2021
The whole story in short is, I been trying for days to install a 64 bit android emulator in windows 10 64 bit 8gb ram core 2 quad q9400, gt710.

It's not successful, as it's stuck at 99%, while if I install 32 bit android emulator it's working.

So I dual booted with windows 7 and tried 64 bit android emulator there, it wasn't stuck at 99 but around 75% it gave an error(attached). So i tried disabling signature verification and installed again but still same problem.

If you guys can help me in any of the above that is windows 10 or 7 to run this big nox 64 bit. That would be really helpful.🤗


  • Screenshot_20210625-022406.png
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