1. hop

    Windows 7 install windows 7 on samsung 970 evo ssd

    Hello Is it possible to install w7 right to aformentioned pcie disk booting from newest windows 7 usb (2019)? Or do i have install first to sata drive? Thank you.
  2. N

    Windows 7 win7 "restore previous folder windows at login" - ticked but not working

    Sorry, I could see no way to search this forum. So I post. win7 "restore previous folder windows at login" is ticked, can show image proof if wanted. Yet explore windows suddenly will not restore at startup. Used to. Tried un-ticking it, restart, tick, restart - no joy. Search, googling...
  3. B

    Windows 7 Win7 System Repair USB

    I have read several articles, but I seem to be lost. I just purchased a refurbished Dell with Windows 7 Sp1 and wanted to create a system repair USB. I followed several how-tos and downloaded the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool. I did not receive disks with my purchase and I have windows 7 pro...
  4. S

    Windows 7 Outlook 2016 slow for no reason?

    Hello guys, I've got a strange problem with Outlook 2016. I have a PC with 2 user accounts and 2 different Outlook-profiles. "User Account 1" has a normal/fast running Outlook while "User Account 2" has an extremely slow Outlook. Things I already tried and looked for: outlook safe mode ->...
  5. sfca

    Windows 7 Downgrade from Win10 to Win7 on HP Z820 RAID10 array - Advice/Help needed

    Hi, I am new to this forum, and need help with my workstation. I have an HP Z820 Workstation that came with Windows 7. I think it is set up with an SAS boot drive and 4x1TB in RAID10 array. At least that is what I think the setup is. I have it hooked up to a digital camera for a school...
  6. S

    Windows 7 How to uninstall Win7

    I tried to do a clean install from Win7 Pro disk onto new SSD Plus which was connected internally to my main PC. There were boot issues (long story), so I decided to physically remove the SSD. I want to uninstall win7 from that new SSD. Nothing else was loaded onto it. My question is: Can I...
  7. G

    Windows 7 No keyboard work

    No USB keyboard of any sort works on this compuer (on any USB port). The USB ports are still good, since all other USB devices work on it. It is an aging Acer Aspire v5-571. I am reasonably confident it's a software issue, since no keyboard works on any USB port, said keyboards work on other...
  8. LUGUY

    Windows 7 Coming back to "Scan to Email" Settings

    Hi Forumers, here LUGUY back to the same Topic. After I came back to Win 7 Pro 32 bit, I want to retake "Scan to Email" settings on XEROX WorkCentre 3615 Multifunction Printers on Center Ware Internet Services (CWIS). I'm asking please step by step and details on how to settings to use "Scan to...
  9. U

    Windows 7 No WiFi connection

    Hey there :) Im working with an asus laptop k75VJ with to partitions Linux Mint and Windows 7.. I'm a newbie to this partitioning thing, but worked some years with linux and wanted to try something different. Linux and Windows are working almost perfectly. (After some hours passing) But on...
  10. K

    Windows 7 Win7 Pro UEFI - cannot boot from USB

    Hello, I've got a problem installing Win7 Professional x64 on my GPT partition and using UEFI to boot on HP Probook 650 G1. I've got a DVD from HP with Win7 OEM version. 1. Made an ISO image from Win7 DVD I was sent from HP. 2. Using Rufus & my ISO image I created UEFI bootable USB. 3. UEFI...